Teen Summer Camp / Summer Trip Programs For Teens

For the middle school or high school student who may have already experienced a residential summer camp situation and is now looking for something different, or for the student who would like to explore and try something "hands-on" with a more specific focus, there are some wonderful opportunities.

Opportunities To Explore And Learn

Does your teen want to take an "off-road" bike trip? Explore the Southwest and Pacific Northwest? Go to a north east summer camp, perhaps to an Ivy League college campus, and take a class focusing on "History of the 60's?" Live and work with Native Americans?

The Right Teen Summer Camp

We offer teen summer camp programs (both domestic and international), wilderness summer camps, multi-adventure, enrichment programs on college campuses, bike trips, and one of the most popular programs offered, community service projects in disadvantaged communities and developing countries.

Personal Achievement

All these opportunities plus many others will afford your teenager opportunities to set high personal expectations and achieve them!

Broaden Your Teen's Horizons

Adapting to new experiences such as these will broaden your teen's horizons and teach them to appreciate life with new friends, new cultures and new adventures.

"I had an incredible experience this summer in Costa Rica, both through the activities and experiences we had and my group. I don't think I have had more fun or learned as much with a group of people before in my life." C.C., Concord, NH, Camper

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