Treasured Memories Of Sleepaway Camp

Toasted marshmallows and bonfires. Long hikes through nature's glorious pine trees and sandy trails. The excitement of talent shows, the shivers of scary stories under a moonlit sky - fun and friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Nostalgic Glow Of Summer

The memories of sleep-away camp mellow into the nostalgic glow of summers long ago. Now it's time to send a new generation of kids to overnight camp and parents wonder: will it? can it? be the same? The answer is "Yes - and it's even better."

"You were fabulous! Warm, caring, a good listener and very easy to work with. You never got impatient with me and my 2 zillion questions and definitely steered me in the right direction. My son LOVED the camp he ended up at!"
~ B.S., New Rochelle, NY

For Your Child To Experience Today

The rustic and traditional overnight summer camps you remember so fondly have been updated to today's mode.

Have The Time Of Their Lives

Whatever your child's personalities and talents, whether self-reliant or sophisticated, homebodies or explorers, they can expect the time of their lives at a residential summer camp carefully selected to suit their needs.

The Challenge For Parents

The challenge for parents is to evaluate the rich variety of sleepaway summer camp opportunities and to select the one "right" for their child.

A Sleepaway Camp Advisory Service

Our experienced Summer Camp & Trip Resources® consultants can be a wonderful resource to you. Judy Levine, Director of Summer Camp & Trip Resources®, has hand-picked each summer camp and teen program that she represents. "There are thousands of camps and programs available. For the programs that I work with, I visit, re-visit, talk to staff, talk with campers, taste the food, and observe the safety and well-being of the camp population."

"You could not have found us a better camp for Ben! This was his first summer - he's a very sensitive little guy, and the camp was perfect for his needs. He got home after 7 weeks and cried for 3 days that he missed camp! He's already had one of the kids he met there come to our house for an afternoon. It's just beyond our widest dreams that Ben had such an exceptional summer at camp! Thank you!"
~ B.S., Wayland, MA

We'll help you choose the best sleepaway camp for your child. Call us today about our free sleepaway camp referral service!