What Does A Summer Camp Referral Service Do?

Helps You Select A Summer Camp

While doing their research, some parents turn to a summer camp referral service for help in selecting a camp. This type of camp advisory service, such as Summer Camp & Trip Resources®, matches a child's needs with appropriate programs.

"The camp you helped us choose was a great fit for Charlie, who is difficult to "put into a category or box." We would never have found this camp without you. You took the time to speak with Charlie's teacher to assess his profile. Thank you so much!"
~ C.M., Darien, CT

A No-Fee Summer Camp Referral Service

This camp advisory service is free to parents. Summer camp referral services receive their fees from the summer camps and programs they represent.

A Wonderful Resource
This is a wonderful resource for parents of first-time campers or families looking for a new experience for their children. Judy Levine, Director of Summer Camp & Trip Resources®, has hand-picked each summer camp and teen program that she represents. "There are thousands of camps and programs available. For the programs that I work with, I visit, re-visit, talk to staff, talk with campers, taste the food, and observe the safety and well-being of the camp population."

Experience You Can Count On
Having been director of camps, having been a camp parent, and now referring families to programs, Judy says: "I am very particular in selecting the programs I work with. The campers and their families are the best testimony. I encourage prospective families to contact families who I have placed at programs to get first-hand feedback. Remember, you're entrusting the directors and staff with your most prized possession!"

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