Questions Parents Should Ask Each Summer Camp

Questions To Help You Decide
Following are a list of questions that will help you decide on the most appropriate summer camp or teen program for your child.

"You were fabulous! Warm, caring, a good listener and very easy to work with. You never got impatient with me and my 2 zillion questions and definitely steered me in the right direction. My son LOVED the camp he ended up at!"
~ B.S., New Rochelle, NY

  1. What is the background of the camp and the director?
  2. Where is the camp located?
  3. How will my child travel to camp?
  4. What facilities does the camp have?
  5. Where will my child live?
  6. What is the staff like?
  7. What is a typical day like?
  8. How does the program work?
  9. What activities are offered?
  10. Who prepares the meals? Are they nutritious?
  11. How is laundry handled?
  12. What medical facilities does the camp have?
  13. How can we keep in touch with our child?
  14. What if my child is homesick?
  15. When may parents visit?
  16. What percentage of children return each year?
  17. What extra charges can we expect?
  18. Do the cabins have toilets and showers in them?
  19. Will my child swim in a lake or a pool?
  20. Will my child be assured the activities he/she elects?
  21. Does the camp offer horseback riding?
  22. My child doesn't/can't eat certain foods. Will he/she be offered an alternate meal?
  23. My child has a particular special need (physical, emotional, disciplinary). How would this be handled?
  24. My child will need tutoring during the summer (i.e., Bar/Bat Mitzvah, English As A Second Language (ESL), etc.). Do you offer this service?

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