To Help Your Child Grow

Research has found that the overnight camp experience promotes and enhances a child's:

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence
  • Social skills

These three traits are deemed essential by experts in order for a child to become a healthy, productive adult.

"You most definitely understood our needs and requirements of our daughter for a sleepaway camp. It is a terrific match for her."
~ H.I., Scarsdale, NY

The Outdoor Summer Camp Experience

All of us at Summer Camp & Trip Resources® know nothing can match the atmosphere created by the outdoor camp environment, group living and child-centered activities. Children can express themselves, try new things, and mature.

Learn Life Skills

During their weeks as campers, kids learn to share, get along with others and become self-reliant without parents in the picture, skills invaluable later on when they make the transition to college dorm living.

Life-Long Friendships

Besides the life-long friendships developed at camp, there is also the opportunity to interact with adults and children of all ages.

How To Succeed In Life

The real benefits of sleepaway camp are hard to measure. As one summer camp director summed up: "How can you put a ruler to self-confidence, determination, positive attitudes and lessons in living? Camp is winning, losing, giving, sharing, compromising and learning to enjoy people and nature. It's a primer on how to succeed in life."

Real Life Experience

As a former camper, counselor, camp director, and now Director of Summer Camp & Trip Resources®, Judy Levine says the summer camp experience is "in my blood." I grew up at summer camps and all four of my children have had the opportunity to benefit from summer camp experiences. It has certainly benefitted them, not only in getting along with others in college, but also in 'the real world.'

Becoming More Independent

Residential camp gives children their first experience away from home. They have an opportunity to become more independent, which means resolving problems without the help of parents and learning to get along with others in a living situation.

Learning To Share Responsibilities

It's very different from home where many children don't even share a room with siblings. At overnight camp, children and counselors are under one roof with children sharing responsibilities and learning to respect each others' property. Not going home overnight is part of the experience for the child.

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