What's The Right Age For Sleep-Away Camp?

While there's no hard-and-fast formula for determining readiness, some camp directors say that the most popular age is nine to ten years old. Boys, by the way, may need another year to mature emotionally for the sleep-away camp experience.

"Our expectations were more than met. The camp management and staff went above and beyond to ensure our son had a successful first year at sleep away camp. We couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of personal care and caring. It was much appreciated."
~ D.F., Newton, MA

"It really depends on your child's personality and maturity level," Judy Levine of Summer Camp & Trip Resources® states. "But he or she must be physically able to take care of their person and possessions."

The chances that if your child has successfully stayed at friends' houses for weekends or is comfortable visiting with relatives for several days at a time, then he or she is ready for an overnight summer camp.

Other good indicators include successful stay-overs at day camp programs or overnight trips with school, an open attitude toward new experiences and ease in group interaction.

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